​​​​​​​​​​​​Elk Expo

The Atlatl throw was a huge hit last year at the Expo and we are planning on being at our best again this year trying to spear the almost life size mastodon target. 

The atlatl throw was featured in the Tracks and Racks advertising for this years show, as well as a photo of George Miller working his elk call.

The chapter will be having our own set of tents this year and we will be selling some small items, having an artifact display and flint knapping area, as well as holding both the public and registered atlatl throws.  

Plenty of help is needed both days with two shifts on Saturday 8 am - 1 pm and 1 - 8 pm.  Sunday is 8 am-5 pm.  Please come up and give us a hand. Let Ken Burkett know of your availability by emailing kenburkett@comcast.net

There is a lot of food, vendors, programs, and plenty of other things to do at this event so give us a hand so everyone can enjoy both days and spread the word about Pennsylvania Archaeology and the North Fork

Save the date for August 15 and 16, 2020  




New Chapter Officers
New officers 2020—2022 are: President - Bernie Kostic,  Vice-President, Jerry Wright, Secretary/Treasurer - Cheryl Burkett.

Chapter Shirts
We will be submitting a Spring 20 order for Chapter Shirts.   If you need to update your spring wardrobe  - please fill out the form on Page 9 and snail mail with your check, or email Cheryl.

George Miller Receives Award
Annually the JCHS presents two awards to

individuals or groups who have significantly

contributed to the preservation or

presentation of some aspect of Jefferson

County History for future generations. 

George Miller (right) receiving the Kate M

Scott Award at the JCHS annual   dinner in October from JCHS Executive Director Ken Burkett .



The Chapter recently updated and published our glossy     tri-fold informational brochure.  If you need copies of these or some of the SPA membership brochures, or state archaeological information leaflets for distribution at an event or program.  Please contact Cheryl Burkett.

Chapter News