SPA Annual Meeting

Thank You to Everyone who helped in any way with the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania hosted by our chapter.

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology will be hosted by the Mon-Yough Chapter in California, PA  


The Chapter recently updated and published our glossy tri-fold informational brochure.  If you need copies of these or some of the SPA membership brochures, or state archaeological information leaflets for distribution at an event or program.  Please contact Cheryl Burkett.

Chapter News

​​​​​​​​​​ Charles Williams Receives SPA 2018 Archey Award

Charles is an active member with the North Fork Chapter 29 participating in our events, programs and excavations.  He is currently the chairman of the Scripture Rocks management committee for the Jefferson County History Center.  To add to his other professional education degrees, he is currently is pursuing a formal degree in archaeology.

At this time, his current research projects

include: 1. historical ecology of northwestern

Pennsylvania's Clarion River with an emphasis

on past industrial impact (e.g., pollution from

tanneries, etc.) and river recovery; 2. historic

logging industries of the Upper Allegheny

Valley and land use legacies (especially

splash dam effects on stream valleys);

3. historical landscapes and environment of

northwestern Pennsylvania's French Creek

Valley, and the Ohio Country at large, at the time of European contact to early American settlement; and 4. biological place names in Pennsylvania and their relation to environmental determinants.

 He has completed numerous presentations at SPA annual meetings and individual chapters and other public venues. A full listing of his published works are available at: