Annual Awards


At the Society for Pennsylvania archaeology annual meeting in April, Chapter member Tom Rabbit received the 2022 ARCHEY award  which is given to a member of the Society  who has given significant contributions, over an appreciable period of time, toward the unselfish furtherance of Pennsylvania’s Archaeology. 








Ken Burkett received the SPA’s Lifetime Achievement  Award which is bestowed upto an individual  who has exhibited an outstanding record of contributions to the field of  archaeology in Pennsylvania, Nominees are required to have 20 years of outstanding service in support of archaeology in Pennsylvania, have been a member of the State SPA (not just a local chapter) for the same amount of time, and be an exemplary supporter of the mission of the SPA.


Ken also received the Society for American       Archaeology Crabtree award on April 1st at that organizations annual meeting in Chicago for his outstanding service to PA Archaeology.   The SAA awards one award annually to an outstanding avocational archaeologist who has  who has made significant contributions to advance understandings of local, regional, or national archaeology through excavation, research, publication, site or collections preservation, collaboration with the professional community, and public outreach.  







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