North Fork Chapter 29

Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology


The North Fork Chapter 29 was formally approved as an organizational member of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology on May, 23, 2004.

Chapter members include both professional and amateur archaeologists from Armstrong, Clarion, Clearfield, Indiana, Elk and Jefferson counties, an area that was not previously well represented within the state.

In 2009, the chapter was formally approved as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit charitable organization.


Chapter 29 members have assisted with excavations at the Fishbasket Site in Armstrong County and Frazier Sawmill Blacksmith Shop at Clear Creek State Park,  the Scripture Rocks Mapping Project, and excavation of the Port Barnett Rockshelter 36Je55..  

This Summer we will be working on 2 petroglyphs sites with Ken Burkett. 

The chapter also occasionally sponsors tours, hosts state archaeology meetings and provides public programs for other organizations.

Participation by interested individuals is always welcome.


The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology was formed in 1926 to:

  • Promote the study of Archaeology in Pennsylvania    


  • Encourage careful scientific research and excavation in this field and to discourage careless and misdirected digging                                   

  • Promote the conservation and preservation of important archaeological sites and the passage of laws prescribing such

  • Oppose the manufacture and sale of fraudulent antiquities

  • Encourage the establishment of local archaeological displays at museums and organizations

  • Promote the spread of archaeological knowledge by means of meetings, presentations and publications, and to serve as a bond between the individual archaeologists and collectors.