Friday, August 18,  7 pm   Heritage House

Show & Tell, Planning Business Meeting

Saturday, September 2

Antique Rifles and Indian Artifact Show

Jefferson County Fairgrounds

8 am - 4 pm

Friday, September 15, 7 pm   Heritage House

Bob Oshnock

Consol Site

Sunday, October 15, 1 pm

Chapter Picnic

Scripture Rocks Heritage Park

Friday, October 20,   7 pm  Heritage House

Tom Glover

Johnson-Thompson Adena Mound

Friday, November 17, 7 pm  Heritage House

Chuck Williams

Archaeology, History and Ethnobotany of the Brokenstraw Creek



Chapter Meetings

Meeting Schedule

North Fork Chapter 29 meets at 7 pm, on the 3rd Friday of each month, except December, June, and July at the Heritage House, 4 Sylvania Street, Brookville, PA  15825


All meetings are open and the public is invited to attend